Textile Paintings by Deborah Kruger

plumage #2 In a deliberate effort to blur and possibly eliminate the dichotomy of art and craft, Deborah Kruger has invented a unique blend of fiber and encaustic. Although these materials are rarely seen together, Kruger has paired them to create a body of work that is both contemporary and archetypal.

Her reviewers have described her pieces are objects of "....visual sensuality, primal and timeless" and they have also described her work as "....a meditation...a mosaic of colorful triangles that looks like the feathers of a tropical bird." Her artist statement cites the influence of Amazonian tribal art renown for using tropical feathers.

Although the work is abstract, the recurring triangles and increasingly hairy and textural surfaces make the viewer wonder about her subliminal messages. One reviewer mused that her work was...."abstractly beautiful and richly imagined...they are like people in how they make statements about identity loud, lost, overlooked....She imbues fabric with so much paint,...that it looks like living membrane."