Linda Striedieck - Watercolor artist

My paintings are watercolors of shapes and color working together to form a complex balance. After graduating with a Master's Degree in painting from Penn State in 1964, I began to search for ways to make these paintings. Until 1983 I exhibited extensively in central Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, winning prizes in juried exhibitions at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in 1968 and 1971 and the Greater Harrisburg Arts Festival in 1978.

A breakthrough in the development of my work came in 1984 when I had the opportunity to live in Nuernburg and Berlin, Germany and in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, England. In the 14 years I lived abroad, I took the opportunity to see as much of the visual expression of Europe as possible and to learn how the Europeans utilized two-dimensional space. I exhibited in Woltersdorf, near Berlin, in 1991 and in The Halesworth Gallery in Suffolk, England in 1996.

Since returning to the United States in 1997, I have exhibited in Vermont at the Windham Art Gallery and the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro and the Exner Art Galleries and Village Square Booksellers in Bellows Falls. In May 2000, twenty paintings were exhibited at the Doberg Museum in Buende, Germany.

The forms in my paintings are organic in the sense that they emerge and evolve out of themselves. They are, in part, a reflection of the organic forms in nature. The textures and contrasts in nature when the elements meet: mountains and trees against the sky, water meeting rocks and land, vegetation growing from earth are reflected in my work. The contrasts, together with the rhythms of these elements, provide the drama that gives emotional impact to the viewer.

"This painter is able to evoke an expansive sense of elation with simple means as few painters can."

Arlene Distler - The Brattleboro Reformer

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